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This is a masterclass on backlink building. Learn how to build organic backlinks in a safe way. Building backlinks is a slow and steady process but the more your learn and implement the easier it becomes.

These 9 Powerful Lessons Will Show You How To Drastically Increase Your Growth Rate As A Blogger.

  • Backlinks = Higher Rankings, Period! - Backlinks are still the number one way to increase rankings. Backlinks equals higher rankings, period. If your site gets lots of backlinks to its blog posts and to its homepage, your site will do better. But there are some stern warnings here. And in this module here, Philip teaches you how to actually build real backlinks, powerful backlinks that will actually help you grow.
  • Link Building: Criteria of Links - Finding good backlink opportunities is not as hard as it looks. It is tedious, for sure, but well worth the time and effort. This tutorial will give you some insight into what type of links to look for.
  • Finding Linking Opportunities - Finding link building opportunities is remarkably easy. It takes a little bit of practice, but it is a very easy process once you know where to look.
  • How To Get Links – Broken Links Strategy - This is a very beginner friendly way of getting backlinks. This requires a bit of time and effort but the rewards here can be incredible.
  • How To Get Links – Value Adding Method - This method is super simple. You find old content with outdated content and outdated links. You look for outdated EXTERNAL links on older pieces of content. Follow this tutorial to uncover this method.
  • How To Get Links – Exploding Fresh Topics - Fresh topics, news and niche developments are great for building fresh backlinks. You keep your ear to the ground and look out for "soon to be outdated content" so you can contact website owners who are linking to said "soon to be outdated content".
  • Contacting Potential Link Creators - There are a few golden rules here that you need to follow in order to increase your chances of success, because your time is precious and you want to capitalize on every single linking opportunity. One single link has the power to really, really change things for you drastically.
  • Contacting Potential Link Creators – Make It Personal - This here can potentially drastically increase the amount of responses you'll get from outreaching emails, because this makes it more personal and that adds that little bit of flair behind your outreaching. So what does this mean?
  • The Grind Of Link Building - This last tutorial will share some secret tips with you to help uncover what you have to do to overcome the grind of link building. Understand the potential rewards and you will be willing to do the work required.

7-Day Risk Reversal

7-Day Risk Reversal

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