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Kim Wolfe (One Of Philip's Students) used the exact same ranking factors and method used in The Simple SEO Blueprint to rank for super simple keywords she found using this strategy.

  • Beginner Friendly & Easy To Implement
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  • Even non SEO experts can use this strategy as it requires no more than grit, common sense and a "can do" attitude.

Welcome to the

Simple SEO Blueprint - Front End - Launch Price - $24.99 @ 50%

The Simple SEO Blueprint is a beginner friendly SEO program designed to show online marketers how to leverage simple and effective strategies to deliver consistent targeted traffic from Google.

Contains 51 step by step tutorials.

If your audience are internet marketers, solopreneurs, or affiliates then this is the perfect course to get more targeted traffic from Google for keywords that produces to sales, leads, and growth.

This program will take you by the hand and teach you how to leverage the power of Google search to create multiple consistent streams of targeted traffic that lead to leads, sales, and growth for your website.

Launch Price - $24.99 @ 50% Commission

After Launch - $97

FULL course outline is below. 

Simple SEO Blueprint

Backlink Masterclass - OTO 1 - Launch Price - $37 @ 50%

This is a masterclass on backlink building. Learn how to build organic backlinks in a safe way. Building backlinks is a slow and steady process but the more you learn and implement the easier it becomes.

Consisting of 9 powerful tutorials detailing how your audience can get backlinks to their website organically.

These lessons will help them build real backlinks, using real methods. NOT using spammy software and buying fake backlinks from Fiverr.com.

Launch Price - $37 @ 50% Commission

After Launch - $67 

FULL course outline is below. 

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Enroll in The Simple SEO Blueprint: The completely beginner friendly way to start getting traffic from Google. Designed for individuals and entrepreneurs.

  • Designed specifically for solo-preneurs who do not have the time to spend 2 years learning SEO.
  • Designed specifically for individuals to get free targeted traffic by doing less work, not more.
  • Designed specifically for individuals who want to build an honest, transparent and evergreen business online.

My name is Philip Borrowman,

My name is

Philip Borrowman,

Philip is a former baker and bar manager who turned his attention to "making money online" back in 2012.

After years of buying shiny objects and scammy products, he finally cracked it and started to build an online income. 

Now he has pooled together his methods and strategies to teach others a genuine, down to earth and real way of building an online business.

No hype, no "secret untapped resource", just honest and down to earth training.

Philip has been working online full time for 4 years and has generated over $200,000 in revenue in 2020/21.

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Solo-Preneur Angle:

This training is aimed at solo preneurs, newbie affiliate marketers and anyone who assumes SEO is too confusing or overwhelming.

Each module inside is broken down to a bare bone level so that any newbie can grasp it, digest it and actually understand the SEO ranking factors in a practical way.

Here’s Everything You’ll Get Inside The Course: Front End



Mindset and grasping the basics of running an online business is key. This opening module will ensure you have an edge over your competition by pin-pointing often overlooked elements in your online journey.

These 6 Tutorials Will Get You

Off To A Flying Start:

  • Welcome to The Simple SEO Blueprint - This tutorial will welcome you to the training and help you get settled so you know exactly what to expect.
  • The Simple SEO Blueprint Strategy - This detailed outline of the SEO Blueprint strategy will show you exactly why this method works so well and instill 100% belief in yourself and your future online.
  • Understanding the Long-Term Game - These cold harsh truths will shake you to your core as Philip sets out what you MUST do to succeed online with SEO and building your evergreen business.
  • Mindset & Attitude Towards Your Website - Your mindset will make or break your business. These harsh truths will wake you up and force you to take a good look in the mirror.
  • Black Hat SEO – Red Alert - Everyone is tempted by Black Hat SEO. Manipulating the system will destroy your business, guaranteed. This tutorial will outline why and how you can avoid this mistake.
  • Relationship Between SEO Blueprint & Taking Action Online - There are over 100 additional tutorials inside Taking Action Online, included in your SEO Blueprint membership. This tutorial will give you a navigational tour so you understand the relationship between the SEO Blueprint training and the additional tutorials to avoid confusion.


Getting Started

Grasping the basics of SEO is hard because you do not know which ranking factors matter.

This module will dissect SEO and show you what you can and cannot leverage to your advantage. These tips are essential for your success.

6 Tutorials To Set The Framework Of You SEO Understanding:

  • Search Engine Optimisation 101 - In this video, Philip shares with you the 16-point plan that you're going to use for SEO optimization within this course.
  • Relevance & Optimisation - This detailed outline teaches you about relevance and optimization for your SEO efforts. And Philip wants to help you understand a bit better about what ranking factors matter and what you need to look for and attack to achieve organic traffic from Google.
  • Understanding the User Intent - In this video, you will understanding the user intent, and how this relates to the overall structure of your site, blog posts and so on. And how this will help you better understand how to rank and how you can rank as well with your blog. User intent is what drives the internet. Keywords determine what the user intent is.
  • Ranking Factors You Can/Cannot Control - In this lesson, Philip wants to talk to you about ranking factors. The ranking factors you can control and the ones you cannot control. Because, obviously, for you as a complete beginner, a novice, somebody who's just at home trying to get some traffic to your site, you need to work with a more practical mindset of what you can and cannot control.
  • Examples of Good/Bad Content - In this lesson, you will see examples of content that is good, and bad. Content that ranks, and doesn't rank. Content that offers value, and doesn't offer value.
  • Tools You Will Need - Here you will see the basic tools you need to effectively implement a great SEO campaign. These are incredibly affordable and will be the cornerstone of your new business.


Setting Up Your Website

Setting up your website with a solid foundation/structure is vital. To get traffic, your site has to be easy for Google to crawl and for your audience to navigate.

Also you must have a fast load speed and factor in essential structural components. You will learn all this in this 3rd module.

9 Explosive Tutorials Will Ensure You Have A Solid Website Foundation:

  • Using An Existing Blog - Some of you may have an old blog that you've been working on for some time, you've been making blog posts, and you made some pages and you are trying to rank in Google, and you may or may not be seeing the results you want.
  • Aim Small, Miss Small - Right now we're going to start setting up your website and building your business. But first, Philip wants to talk to you about your niche and about the concept of aim small, miss small. This is the killer concept!
  • Understanding the Pillars of Your Site - This lesson will teach you how to set up the pillar pages of your site. This ensure a solid site structure which is easy for the search engines to crawl and rank.
  • Live Examples of Pillar Pages & Well Structured Sites - In this lesson, Philip wants to show you live examples of good and bad website which are using pillar pages well.
  • Building Your Website - You need to have a website that is secure, fast, and set up for SEO and that's ready to go for you to move forward with the Simple SEO Blueprint. So this is where you can take advantage of the step-by-step plan inside.
  • Researching Your Homepage & Pillar Pages - Here you will learn how to research your pillar pages so you have the most optimized site possible for your target audience.
  • Creating Your Homepage - Your homepage is incredibly important for ranking, branding and for lead generation. This tutorial covers everything you need to know to have a killer homepage.
  • Creating Your Pillar Pages & Blog Structure - Here, Philip shows you how you can create your pillar pages and set up your blog structure and get everything lined up for you so it'll be as smooth as possible for you.
  • Setting Up The Pillar/Silo Page -  This tutorial shows you in detail how to set up your pillar pages so there is NO confusion for you about what to do and how to get these pages created.


Keyword Research

Keyword research is the heart of all blogs. This instinctive and very frustrating process takes years to master.

However, with some common sense, and the tricks I show you inside Module 4, you can move forward faster than ever. Create content with confidence and grab those Page 1 rankings easier than ever before.

9 In-Depth Tutorials Will Ensure You Have A Solid Website Foundation:

  • Introducing Jaxxy - This tutorial will introduce you to the No.1 keyword research tool online and how you will use this in your day to day research.
  • Understanding Intent Behind Keywords - Before you do keyword research, you need to understand why people are searching for certain keywords and the human nature behind specific keywords.
  • Low Hanging Fruit/Long Tail Keywords - Long tail keywords are the best and fastest way for you to get going with SEO. This is because they are very specific and the competition is generally lower and allows you to "get your foot in the door".
  • Research: Broad Search Terms - Broad search terms are usually the starting point of any keyword research. This is a simple process of "digging down" into a keyword to isolate the user intent behind a keyword.
  • Research: Long Tail Keywords - Long tail keywords are the most important keywords you will use to grow your traffic. There is always going to be crossover between buyer keywords and informational keywords.
  • Research: Buyer Keywords - When someone is in a buying mood, they use "buyer keywords" to find more information about products and services they are considering buying.
  • Research: Understanding Competition - There will always be some competition within your niche. Competition research and analyzing the SERP results is an instinctive process and takes time to learn and fully understand.
  • Starting from The Bottom - You have no followers, you have no backlinks, you have no authority in Google's eyes. You have no base content, you have no keyword structure on your site, you have no pillars. This is how you overcome this issue.
  • Do Not Overthink The Process -  I bet all of you guys have at some point sat down and overthink something to the point where you convince yourself not to proceed. We all do it in all walks of life. It doesn't matter if it's online, offline, whatever, we all do.


Creating Content

Content is King. Content is what brings visitors to your blog. Without good content you are nothing.

This detailed module will give a complete rundown of how to structure your content for the search engines so you rank faster and easier. Your content will also be laser targeted to your visitors to increase user satisfaction which also increases your rankings.

6 Immersive Tutorials To Jet Pack Your Content Creation Output

  • Content Creation Checklist - This interactive checklist will keep you on track when creating content. This resource is fantastic for beginners who need point by point assistance.
  • Researching Content - You need to take your research seriously and start digging into your niche as you move forward. Knowledge comes over time, there is no quick fix for this.
  • Creating Natural Content - In this video, we're going to talk about creating natural content and what your content needs to contain and what your content needs to look like.
  • Rich Content Structure - Your rich content structure. This is a very important aspect, because your content needs to be suitable and be likable by both humans and the Google search engine spiders, okay?
  • How To Write Content - In this tutorial, Philip wants to talk to you about how to write your blog posts. He gives some simple advice here to move forward in the most simple way for you.
  • Writing Tip – FAST Writing - This super simple tip can save you hours of writing manually and save hours of frustration. No more tapping away at your keyword and having stiff fingers.


Search Engine Optimisation

This is the CORE of this course. Understanding and implementing SEO correctly is a must have skill.

These in-depth tutorials leave no stone unturned as you discover how to rank your content faster and easier than ever before. With this solid foundation you will have complete confidence in yourself and in your new business.

12 Action Packed Tutorials Delving Into Search Engine Optimisation

  • SEO Ranking Checklist - This interactive SEO checklist will help you remember all the SEO points your article has to cover in order to rank. Be sure to bookmark it and come back to it when you need it.
  • Google Understands Context - This tutorial will delve into Google and the way it understand human search terms. It's vital you, as a marketer, understand how the search engine algorithm works.
  • Injecting Keyword Rich Content - When you write an article it does need to be rich in keywords and LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords. This tutorial covers how to do this in a sensible way.
  • Internal Linking - Internal linking is very important for a number of reasons. Both your users and the Google spiders find is MUCH easier to navigate your site if you have a clear menu structure and internal linking structure.
  • External Links & Referencing - In this video, Philip wants to talk to you about using external links and referencing outside sources. Whenever you write an article and you want to basically build your authority and give some positive signals to Google, you want to reference external sources.
  • Headlines & H Tags - H tags (Heading tags) are there to help you organize you content but also to help Google understand what your content is about. It is important to use your H tags sparingly and in a certain order.
  • Image Optimisation - Image optimization is super important because it really helps the Google spiders understand the context of your site and you can also get additional traffic from the "Images" search inside Google.
  • Bullet Points & Menus - If your content is easy to digest or scan for both humans and the Google spiders then your SEO will improve. This is because if you deliver better value people will stay on your site for longer which will increase your rankings.
  • Meta Description – Search Engine Results Pages - Even though the meta description itself is NOT a ranking factor, it does play a HUGE part in the overall ranking of your posts because of the CTR (Click Through Rate)
  • Mobile Responsiveness - Having a mobile responsive website is incredibly important. You cannot rank without a mobile optimized website.
  • Backlink Building – Basics- Backlinks are the No.1 ranking booster online. However, it is vital you understand the basics first before you move forward.
  • Backlink Building – Starts with Your Content - In this video, Philip wants to talk to you about your content and the relation with the content and building backlinks, because your backlinks start with your content.


Putting It All Together

It’s time to wrap everything up and understand what happens next. What is the long term vision of your business?

What will you do to implement this training and actually see results? That is what we discuss in this final in-depth set of tutorials. Let’s get to work!

Putting It All Together

  • Failing Forward & Learning By Doing - Now that we're in the last module, this is where most people will fail. Most people fail online because they are not action takers and that is because people are looking for perfection.
  • Committing and Understanding Business - In this video, Philip wants to talk to you about committing and understanding business. This is a follow up after the failing forward idea and learning by doing. Now the next step is to truly commit to yourself and your business and whatever it is that you're doing. Again, this is where people fail.
  • Go Back, Rewatch, Rinse and Repeat and Implement - Philip wants to talk you about the concept of rinsing and repeating and having the maturity and the common sense to go back and rewatch stuff and relearn, and, most importantly, implement. The vast majority of you who are watching this right now are students, but not practitioners.

Here’s Everything You’ll Get Inside This Masterclass OTO:

This is a masterclass on backlink building. Learn how to build organic backlinks in a safe way. Building backlinks is a slow and steady process but the more your learn and implement the easier it becomes.

These 9 Powerful Lessons Will Show You How To Drastically Increase Your Growth Rate As A Blogger.

  • Backlinks = Higher Rankings, Period! - Backlinks are still the number one way to increase rankings. Backlinks equals higher rankings, period. If your site gets lots of backlinks to its blog posts and to its homepage, your site will do better. But there are some stern warnings here. And in this module here, Philip teaches you how to actually build real backlinks, powerful backlinks that will actually help you grow.
  • Link Building: Criteria of Links - Finding good backlink opportunities is not as hard as it looks. It is tedious, for sure, but well worth the time and effort. This tutorial will give you some insight into what type of links to look for.
  • Finding Linking Opportunities - Finding link building opportunities is remarkably easy. It takes a little bit of practice, but it is a very easy process once you know where to look.
  • How To Get Links – Broken Links Strategy - This is a very beginner friendly way of getting backlinks. This requires a bit of time and effort but the rewards here can be incredible.
  • How To Get Links – Value Adding Method - This method is super simple. You find old content with outdated content and outdated links. You look for outdated EXTERNAL links on older pieces of content. Follow this tutorial to uncover this method.
  • How To Get Links – Exploding Fresh Topics - Fresh topics, news and niche developments are great for building fresh backlinks. You keep your ear to the ground and look out for "soon to be outdated content" so you can contact website owners who are linking to said "soon to be outdated content".
  • Contacting Potential Link Creators - There are a few golden rules here that you need to follow in order to increase your chances of success, because your time is precious and you want to capitalize on every single linking opportunity. One single link has the power to really, really change things for you drastically.
  • Contacting Potential Link Creators – Make It Personal - This here can potentially drastically increase the amount of responses you'll get from outreaching emails, because this makes it more personal and that adds that little bit of flair behind your outreaching. So what does this mean?
  • The Grind Of Link Building - This last tutorial will share some secret tips with you to help uncover what you have to do to overcome the grind of link building. Understand the potential rewards and you will be willing to do the work required.

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